It’s no secret that Amazon and Airbnb are shaking up traditional commerce. While some worship at the shrine of the sharing economy, others are vandalizing Uber cars. But whether you’re for it or against it, the world has already changed. And the major players in the digital economy are the ones who are one step ahead of the rest.

ALFRED PREMIUM is a documentary account of the future of e-commerce, told in the format of the Facebook Messenger conversation. Alfred is your new personal shopper. He’s a chatbot whose sole objective is to free you from endless cycle of buying. For better or for worse. On the Internet, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, your wish is just a click away. Are you ready to let Alfred take control?

Our goal is to take you to the other side of the debate, straight to the heart of what happens when you make a purchase. For some people, those stuck in the sales funnel, it’s become an endless process. As transactions become more and more fluid, they have less of a beginning or an end – wish lists that continually grow, abandoned shopping carts, email reminders to return to your incomplete purchase…

Produced by ARTE France and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), ALFRED PREMIUM is also available on web browsers as well as on Google Home and Alexa smart speakers (spring 2019).


	Original idea by Joel Ronez in collaboration with Pierre Corbinais and Émilie F. Grenier. 
	An ARTE France and  NFB coproduction.
	Original Idea
	Joël Ronez
	Screenplay for Messenger and Web
	Pierre Corbinais
	Creative Director
	Émilie F. Grenier
	Quebec Adaptation
	Catherine Éthier
	Screenplay for Social Media and Smart Speaker
	Simon Boileau
	Art Direction and Data Visualization
	Anouk Pennel (Feed)
	Léon Lo (Feed)
	Research and Design under the direction of Joël Ronez with the participation of:
	Naël Schiab
	Xavier Kronström Richard
	Karen Bastien (WeDoData)
	Sybil Collas
	Léa Dabssi
	Fanny Huard
	Chloé Freslon
	Nicolas Wan
	Xavier De La Porte
	English Translator
	Julie Matlin
	German Translator
	Christian Stonner
	Production Assistant
	Iris Ollivault
	Thanks to
	Valérie Duhaime
	Julien Cayer
	Marie-Catherine Beuth
	Austin Dains (Shopify)

  This experience uses  Ink Script language develped by Inkle Studio
Office national du film du Canada	

	Executive Producer
	Hugues Sweeney
	Producer and  Technology Director
	Martin Viau
	Editorial Manager
	Valérie Darveau
	Production Manager
	Marie-Ève Babineau
	Production Coordinators
	Claudia Boutin
	Dominique Brunet
	Caroline Fournier
	Perrine Bral
	Marie-Andrée Bonneau
	Marketing Agent
	Tammy Peddle
	Marketing Coordinators
	Florent Prévelle
	Stéphanie Quévillon
	Marketing Coordinators
	Émilie Nguyen
	Web Content Project Manager
	Félix-Antoine Viens
	Press Relations 
	Marie-Claude Lamoureux
	Information Technologies
	Sergiu Suciu
	Legal Services
	Peter Kallianiotis
ARTE France

	Director of Digital Development
	Gilles Freissinier
	Editorial Manager
	Marianne Levy-Leblond
ARTE France Développement	

	Program Officers
	Marie Berthoumieu
	Emilie Bessard
	Web Project Managers
	Virginie Béjot
	Adrien Larouzée
	Jérôme Vernet
	Social Media
	Florence Danon
	Guillaume Ladvie
	Léa Jagut
ARTE Studio Lab	

	Production Directors
	Angèle Le Névé
	Claire Aubret
	Assistées de
	Juliette Droillard
	Service Manager
	Clément Dhamelincourt
	Technical Directors
	Vincent Chagny
	Simon Oualid
	Pietro Hyde Primo
	Térence Marill
	Project Manager
	Noé Daudin-Clavaud
	© Office national du film du Canada - ARTE France 2019

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